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Noritsu America Corporation Launches the Most Versatile Duplex Dry Minilab to Date
June 29, 2011

New D1005 Supports Retailer Revenue Growth with Innovative Engineering and Efficiently Delivers the Widest Range of Print Sizes and Value-Added Services

Noritsu, the number one supplier of minilabs in the world today, launched the Noritsu D1005 Duplex Minilab - a high-efficiency, small footprint duplex dry minilab engineered to meet the changing photo imaging needs of today's social expression age. The D1005 is a high-performance on-site solution that combines multiple innovations with Noritsu's legendary manufacturing and service capabilities to provide retailers with the flexibility to produce an unprecedented range of services and photo products in sizes up to 12-by-36 inches.

"At Noritsu we strive to focus innovation on immediate customer needs. With the D1005 we've combined the best of our proven technology with game-changing innovation in a power-packed one square meter of space, letting retailers do more with less," said Noritsu President and Chief Executive Officer Yukihiko Chayama. "The D1005 combines high-quality printing efficiency with consumer-product driven flexibility all supported by the largest minilab service organization in the world, giving retailers peace of mind and increased opportunities for growth."

While developing the D1005, Noritsu research and development engineers partnered with London Drugs, a leading retailer in Canada, to ensure the new minilab would achieve the highest versatility and efficiency. The D1005 successfully adapted to their workflow and achieved exceptionally high quality in dry printing technology.

"London Drug is committed to providing the best product to our customer. In order for us to maintain our leadership position we could not compromise on quality," said Wynne Powell, President and Chief Executive Officer of London Drugs. "After a thorough review of all our options, we felt we had no other choice but to go with Noritsu in order to give our customer the highest quality available."

Magnificent Quality
The Noritsu D1005 makes sharp, vibrant prints with unequalled color accuracy. The system produces durable, archival prints with the innovative Noritsu four color dye ink system that uses six gradations per dot and a specially formulated, fade-resistant ink designed to withstand ozone and light. AccuSmart image processing technology, only available from Noritsu, provides powerful image optimization and correction functions that work automatically to produce high quality results.

Innovative Features
Innovative roll and variable paper advance technology provide unlimited printing options to meet current and future consumer needs. The D1005 supports both roll paper and sheet paper, and has the ability to produce both single-sided and double-sided prints, opening the door for production of everything from standard prints to greeting cards, posters and photo books. Dual, two-lane magazines enable flexible paper configuration with a new maximum paper width of 12 inches and the ability to load up to four paper rolls. The system supports automatic order sorting and is the first dry minilab to use LED lights on the 12-order print sorter to signify interrupted orders.

Operational Simplicity and Efficiency for a Wide Range of Environments
With greater ease of operation and flexibility, the D1005 reduces setup and training time while maintaining efficient workflow at the retail store. Additionally, the open system used by Noritsu allows retailers to take advantage of existing on-site equipment and networks. The system is simple to use and efficient for a wide range of retail environments with eco-friendly operation, four ink color system and 4-by-6 inch print capacity of 950 prints per hour and up to 3,800 prints without changing paper.

"The D1005 allows retailers to deliver amazing quality, reduce cost and increase the number of consumer products offered in less space than any other dry duplex minilab in the market," said Chayama. "With the introduction of the D1005, Noritsu continues its legacy of providing retailers with innovative products, efficiency-enhancing reliability and customer support that has made Noritsu a legend in the industry."

At PMA 2010, the D1005 was awarded a Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA) Innovative Product Award. DIMA Innovative Digital Product Awards recognize products or services utilizing new technologies and/or applications that make the product either distinct or the first of its kind.

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