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Minilab M300
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Minilab M300

Minilab M300

With print sizes ranging from 3R all the way to 254 x 914mm (10 x 36 inches), the M300 enables you to provide a wide variety of print services including studio prints, POP displays and posters.

This printer is ideal for boosting the capabilities of photo studios and pro labs that already have a digital system in place.


Main Features of Minilab M300


1. Friendly to the environment
  The M300 does not use any chemicals, nor does it produce any waste solution. The absence of chemicals makes it not only environment-friendly but also user-friendly, as it can be installed almost anywhere and is easy to provide maintenance for.
2. Supports sheet paper
  In addition to roll paper, the M300 can also use sheet paper ranging in size from 127 x 200 mm to 216 x 297mm.
3. Prints up to 254 x 914mm (10 x 36 inches)
  This printer can produce photos in sizes ranging from 3R all the way up to 254 x 914mm (10 x 36 inches), enabling a wide variety of print services including portraits, POP displays and posters.
A paper width of 203mm or 254mm is required for prints with an advance length that
exceeds 457mm.
An option is also required to make prints with an advance length of 457mm to 914mm.
The maximum advance length for print widths of 127mm and 152mm is 457mm.
4. Approximately 70 prints per hour for the 254 x 305mm print size
  The M300’s high capacity for larger prints makes it an excellent solution for photo studios and pro labs.
5. A selection of new film scanners to choose from (film scanners sold separately)
  With the M300, you have three new film scanners to choose from. The HS-1800 supports a wide variety of film including 120, and the LS-600/LS-1100 support only 135 and IX240 film. You can also choose not to add a scanner, and instead use the M300 as a stand-alone printer.
6. New operation software “EZ Controller” (sold separately)
  The EZ Controller gives you the ability to easily perform many important functions such as PJP, order management, and value-added print creation.
7. Vivid prints with the seven pigment ink colors
  State-of-the-art dry printing technology enables the seven colors of pigment ink to be used to produce beautiful prints with a natural look and long lasting colors.


Print method Inkjet system
Paper width
Roll paper
127, 152, 203, 254mm
Sheet paper 127 to 216mm
Paper advance length Roll paper

89 to 457 (914)mm
Only possible with paper widths of 203, 254mm. Option
The maximum advance length for print widths of
127mm and 152mm is 457mm.

Sheet paper

200 to 297mm

Maximum print size

Roll paper

254 x 457 (914)mm
Only possible with paper widths of 203, 254mm.

Sheet paper

216 x 297mm

Paper specifications Noritsu inkjet photo paper
Roll paper length


Ink specifications 7 colors of pigment ink
Ink cartridge volume 500ml per color

Print size
Paper width x Paper advance length (mm)

(Approx.) Processing capacity

127 x 89
152 x 102
254 x 203
254 x 305
254 x 914
Capacity calculated according to Noritsu own criteria. The actual capacity you achieve may be different.
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